GHSF Brick Foundation

Since its founding in 1913, Gibbs High School has been an integral part of this community. It was built upon the goal of educating students and producing well rounded citizens that go forth and serve not only the community but society. The Gibbs High School Foundation was organized to help today’s teachers and administrators reach that goal.

Part of the charter set of bricks in the GSHF Walk

The GHSF has embarked on a Buy A Brick Campaign to help create financial resources that will buy books, computers, supplies and so much more. By partnering with the GHSF in our Buy a Brick Campaign, you will be helping us bridge the funding gap and create new and useful resources for Gibbs High School.

Etch your name in Gibbs High history today.

Foundation Walk

Each brick purchased will be incorporated in the new Foundation Walk prominently displayed around the Gibbs High sign outside the school office. As seen in the artist rendering, each brick will be placed around the sign for future generations to see.

Gibbs High School Foundation Walk

Commemorative bricks can be inscribed to honor alumni or a your graduating class, memorialize a former student or teacher, or just to show your support for the Eagles. No matter what you have inscribed, be sure that it will represent your dedication to Gibbs High and her students.

How to Purchase Your Brick

To purchase a brick, download the following form and submit, GHSF Brick Form.

Or click here fill out the online form. Online Brick Purchase Form